How to Deal with Depression Caused by Unrequited Love?

How to Deal with DepressionHow to Deal with Depression

Ever felt depressed about lost or unrequited love? Here’re a few suggestions for people who catch the fire foolishly and keep burning themselves until they are reduced to ashes!

When things don’t go as you expected or turn sour, depression sets in. Life’s a bundle of problems – while the smaller ones make us depressed, the sense of a great loss causes depression. In most cases, it stems from overthinking and a person’s stubbornness about not willing to move on. By wanting to be caught into a specific crux of time or to keep yourself entangled with negative thoughts, you can only aggravate your grief and head toward depression.

So, is there a way out? To be straightforward, there is and there is not. Just take a look at yourself and consider yourself to be a very complicated and sophisticated machine, with your mind/psyche being a CPU that controls everything. Since you can’t upgrade your mind’s software or fix it by assembling/replacing spares from the marketplace, the cure of your depression lies in your hands. If you can master your mind, there’s a cure for your depression, but if you are prone to slavery and follow the behest of it, you deserve just one thing- suffering!

Everyone has the capacity to reach deep inside and find a way through love gone wrong, or unrequited love. First of all, stop being negative. Remember, negativity begets only negativity! There is little point being constantly negative about yourself or your chances in love. This is a bad habit and it deserves to be broken. While it is fine to be down and sad every now and then, it’s not fine to have this as your usual temperament.

Then, try to accept the bitter truth that you can’t make other people into something they are not. If you don’t have command over yourself, how could you possibly even think of having command on others? This includes trying to make someone love you. Stop fooling yourself and taking other’s choices on your own self-esteem. Did you ever grieve over causing any pain to others deliberately or unwillingly? If yes, how long and how deeply? People move on, forget things, and live happily. Do you think it reasonable to lament about someone who doesn’t even have a wisp of your situation? Certainly not!

The best thing to get rid of, or at least pacify, your depression is to find and make the most of distractions. Make a note of things you like most (don’t list the name of your lost buddy LOL! 😉 ). What I mean is hobbies and things that you think can engage your mind, of course. Watch your favorite movies (avoid romantic comedies), head outdoors with a trusted friend, read books, focus on your job and throw yourself to it, avoid loneliness, and so on. Moreover, get into the habit of physical labor of some kind. If you get physically tired, it will help you to roll into good sleep during nights. Action is always the best antidote to moping and negativity. Keep seeing people, keep getting out and doing things. Depression has a habit of keeping a person at home, where it feels worse. Getting out more is a key to moving on.

Next, if you think and overthink about what could have been different in case your love story had had a happy-ending, give it up instantly. There is no use thinking about things you can’t change. If you find this idea impossible, how about inventing a Time Machine? Go and invent one and then you could possibly color your canvas with your own favorite hues. You can’t do that, right? Then stop being stupid and wasting yourself!

Finally, you should look for a way to attain Catharsis to purge your emotions. Try to drain out your grief by crying aloud when you are quite alone. Let your tears clean and carry away your pains. It’s easy to go on and on about a person who has rejected you but, in the end, this merely serves to make you feel a lot worse. If you are still not happy with the results and still feel like venting your grief out you must seek the help of a good friend you trust.

Having tried everything, if you are still back to the square one, happy burning!

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