Moving On – A Poem


— :: Moving On (Poem) ::—

Crying, crying all day long,
Am I really growing strong?
Sobbing, sobbing all alone
Am I lost in the unknown?
Shedding, shedding lots of tears
Am I draining all my fears?
Wasting, wasting all my time
Ending up with a rotten rhyme!

Living, living all in vain
Only suffering, only pain.
Wandering, wandering always I
Cursing the ghost I’m haunted by.
Wishing, wishing just to die
Don’t have idea how should I.
Thanking, thanking for all you did
Ah, the riddle lies in my id.
Sorry, sorry if I failed
You’ve finally got me nailed.

Shouting, shouting at my God
Who is nothing but a fraud.
Sweating, sweating more and more
Knowing not what’s for me in store.
Toiling, toiling very hard
Yet to cover the longest yard.
Burning, burning from inside
Rising falling with the tide.

Running, running far away
Fading dreams of yesterday.
Faster, faster I try to catch
Caught in time and a filthy ratch.
Rise up, rise up one more try
Hoping the goal may be well nigh.
Losing, losing all my hopes
Slipping down the tricky slopes.

Dying, dying deep inside
Tired of the dire ride.
Thinking, thinking what’ll I do
Now I have nowhere to go.
Trying, trying to move on
You’ll miss me when I’m gone.
Stopping, stopping let me cry
Looking for a way to say goodbye.

– Rakesh Shukla​

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the authorRakesh
Well-versed in English literature, Rakesh is a teacher by profession and geek by heart with an ardent passion for all-things-tech. He has been a theme developer, modder and has contributed some custom ROMs. He enjoys learning, discovering, growing and sharing the newest and latest trends in the world of Android.
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