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Will She Ever Smile Back at Me Again

Will She Ever Smile Back at Me Again?

Ages have gone past wondering and pondering all the time and I am still left with a question, "will she ever smile back at me again?" I want to know the answer but don't know how. Should I present myself...


एक सपना था

सपने तो बहुत से देखे थे मैंने, आज भी देखता हूँ, कुछ अच्छे, कुछ बुरे, और कुछ ऐसे जो याद भी नहीं। कुछ सपने सच न हो जाएं ये भय भी सताता है, कुछ सपने सच क्यूं न हुए ये...


Forbidden Love – A Poem

Ah, now I get it was always meant to be like that, even when there were no obvious restrictions and yet I fabricated them, felt them as if they were more than real. I messed up things when it was...

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