The Choices I Got – A Poem

The Choices I Got
Written by Rakesh

—:: The Choices I Got – A Poem ::—

I would rather have the hues of you
To color my days, nights and dreams,
I would rather have the thoughts of you
To hold against my heart and inspire,
I would rather have the dreams of you
With faint stars glowing and moon mocking at me,
I would rather put an end to my sleepless nights
By slumbering into the one great final sleep.

I would rather have the want of you,
Forever and forever unconfessed,
I would rather have the hope of you,
And still be stricken by disappointment.
I would rather grope for you
Within the deep dark abyss alone.
I would rather waste away all I got from you,
Forget and move on and start afresh.

I would rather go my way with pangs of heart
Throughout eternity and pretend to smile,
I would rather cry out my heart
And burst it into thousand pieces to kill it,
I would rather not stand the suffering
And exhaust myself before my days.
I would rather choose to go insane
To set myself up between life and death.

I would rather connive some false reason
And start hating you to pull myself back,
I would rather blame you for something
You didn’t do and pat my back for that.
I would rather disdain myself all day long
And hurt myself for being what I am.
I would rather erase your memories
But then I would be nothing but a skeleton.
I would rather seclude myself to some heath
To seek the wisdom you have been blessed with.

I would rather just do nothing
And still do something that makes you happy.
I would rather make a pile of my pains
And burn them with the fuel of my blood.
I would rather skip to the dark realm of death
Had I not been entangled in web of the world.
Or I would rather maintain the status quo
Just to try for how long it can drag me.
I would rather ask if you got more
Choices for me to try……

– Rakesh Shukla​

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