What I Feel

What I Feel - a PoemWhat I Feel - a Poem

I’ve been looking for
that comforts my aching heart
in whatever is left with me
I feel disappointed.


I’ve been looking for
among unknown faces,
in faraway places.
I feel lost.


I’ve been looking for
some hope
in abandoned hearts,
their broken shards.
I feel broke.


I’ve been looking for
in a sea of tranquility,
among clouds of anonymity.
I feel numb.


I’ve been looking for
in places and on the internet
among the masses that surround me
I feel isolated.


I’ve been looking for
in verses and hooks,
torn pages of books.
I don’t feel.


I’ve been looking for
in a world with fake faces
where emotions aren’t real
I don’t feel at all.


Then I started looking for
in my todays and morrows
I find it everywhere
I feel sad.


– Rakesh Shukla

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the authorRakesh
Well-versed in English literature, Rakesh is a teacher by profession and geek by heart with an ardent passion for all-things-tech. He has been a theme developer, modder and has contributed some custom ROMs. He enjoys learning, discovering, growing and sharing the newest and latest trends in the world of Android.
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